Our history


Almost a century dedicated to the world of shoes give for much. We are committed to offering our clients a close and dynamic relationship. We move to our origins to bring to our philosophy a Mediterranean essence that characterizes us in everything we do. We are aware that in every pair of shoes there is something worth telling.

Always looking to work the skin to enhance your steps filling our shoes with life with absolutely extraordinary finishes and flexibility, where manual processes are of special relevance.

Fashion & Convenience

Comfort as our reason for being. Starting with a meticulous treatment of the raw materials and following by a deep study of the concept of comfort. Thus, we study each of the components that are going to make contact with the foot to give us an authentic sensation of pleasure when walking.

Fashion is the ultimate goal, one that must summarize and reflect all previous efforts and steps in order to consolidate the concept of ULA SHOES. It is at this point where we work with the latest trends, translating their proposals to women, who always think of vitality, dynamism but without giving up anything to comfort. For this we have the best designers who provide each season with the fresh air that each collection needs. Man also receives the importance he deserves. A modern and functional design without prescience of elegance.